Eating all the time

So I'm starting back into trying to be high raw (again) but I find that I'm constantly eating! Granted, its fruits, veggies and trail mix (I splurged at Trader Joe's). Is it normal to always feel hungry when you're first transitioning? I had this the last time I tried raw as well. I'm not doing this to lose weight, but I certainly don't want to be gaining. I'm also going to start working out again, and I know that I'll need to increase my calories... maybe its my imagination, I just feel like I'm constantly eating. Anyone else go through this?



  • Hey, Catrina! Nope, it's not just you. In the beginning, I used to always feel this way! And to be honest, I still have days where I just never feel full - However, I can tell you that on those days, it's because my fat and/or protein consumption is way too low! So, here are two things I've found that keep me feeling full longer: Replace fruit in my smoothies with fat - i.e. getting rid of the banana and using tahini instead (I've tested this many times and it's crazy how much more concentrated and/or focused I am after consuming) Upping my protein - I'm allergic to brown rice, so I won't recommend Sun Warrior. Instead, I use hemp protein powder and LOVE it! It also has a healthy does of iron, which is great as well! In addition, I do include pea protein - however, it's technically not raw - but that's a personal choice. I know many people will jump my booty for saying this, but personally, I find I eat more when my fruit consumption is high. Sorry 80/10/10'ers, but it's true. I'm constantly hungry because the fruit is digesting so rapidly! Moreover, I also avoid a lot of unecessary dried fruits and/or dates - Good for working out, yes - but not so great (IMO) for sitting behind a desk and working :) Any who, either way - experiment, experiment, experiment! And, overtime you'll learn what works best for you :) Hope that helps!


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Hang in there! Commit to a minimal amount of time to stay within your high raw parameters (for example, one or two months). Don't be discouraged by initial setbacks - only make your analysis after that amount of time. Aim high, don't make excuses to sell yourself short. You can do it!

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