What do you use? Getting ready to go away for spring Break next weekend and need to purchase sunscreen.


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Sunscreen is highly toxic. If you are eating high raw you won't need it, I used to burn quite easily but being raw I started to tan instead.

    Remember your skin is your largest organ, EVERYTHING you put on your skin gets into your blood stream.

    The Sun is good for you, you have been lied to all your life to cover up the fact that you were eating poison. Here slather this toxic waster all over your body, oh and take this pill.

  • oh okay, thank you! I didn't think it was great because of all the chemicals. I have read that applying coconut oil and eating like 2 teaspoons will help from burning in the sun.

  • Badgers organic sunscreen is not toxic--on the skin-deep cosmetic safety database, it is given the cleanest rating possible. It is not a chemical sunscreen, but a barrier one, and it isn't absorbed into the body. Don't burn yourself and get skin cancer, please (I know of rawfoodists on Maui who got skin cancer because they felt all sunscreen was bad; they were mistaken.) Sunscreen also protects you from excessive wrinkles and other damage that sun-worshippers suffer from.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Blue_Eyes, I'm sorry but everything you just said is either partially or completely false. I am sure you are a super-intelligent person and its nothing personal but I just want to iterate through them all so people aren't misled.

    1: sunscreen is highly toxic

    Actually, there do exists at least two kinds of non-toxic sunscreens. The fact that something is sunscreen doesn't make it toxic, its what's inside the suncreen, so that's what we have to look at.

    2:If you are eating high raw you won't need it

    This is anecdotal information. What you should say is "Now that I am eating raw, I don't need it." You can hardly speak for the majority of people out there, unless you are some kind of (certified) expert. Also, how long do you spend in the sun each day? Where do you live and how bright does it get there? What kind of clothing do you normally wear? If you lived on the equator and stood in the direct sunlight naked all day, would you still say you don't need sunscreen? You see, somewhere, there is a line.

    3: EVERYTHING you put on your skin gets into your blood stream

    Actually, the primary function of the skin is to form a protective barrier from the environment, heat, light,infection and injury. Yes, another function of the skin is absorption, things like oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Yes, it can absorb other harmful chemicals. But, NO, it does NOT absorb "everything". If that were the case, then you would most certainly not be alive right now. You would absorb every microbe, virus, and harmful chemical in the environment all day. If you lived in a city, like I do, you would probably die from carbon monoxide poisoning really quick. Just do a simple Google search to learn more.

    4: The Sun is good for you

    This is slightly true, in the sense that yes we need to be exposed to the sun for many reasons. But what about sunburn, heat stroke, photodermatitis (sun poisoning), skin cancer, snow blindness, etc.? You can look all those things up, they are most certainly real and directly caused by overexposure the the sun and not "lies". There's probably more problems that the sun can cause, those are just the ones off the top of my head.

    B_E, I get the sense that what happened is that you went raw and went through some kind of enlightenment process that caused you to realize that a lot of what you thought growing up is false information. But then what happened was you overcompensated and thought, "oh, well if a lot of what I thought was wrong, then EVERYTHING I ever learned regarding health must be wrong." Then you read books written by people who went through the same process, overcompensated in the same way, became self-proclaimed authorities and wrote about it. Or maybe it wasn't a book but a blog, or a YouTube show. But what you'll notice is that 1) these people don't have any formal education on the subject matter, 2) they don't cite any external sources besides their own experience, intuition, and insistence that all mainstream medical information must be wrong.

    In order to break this cycle and recalibrate your sense of truth, you'll need to do research. See what I did up there? Before I answered, I did a little bit of research. Then I cited a couple sources so that people can look up more form themselves if they want to. I'm not an expert, so I don't want people to take my word for it, and you shouldn't want them to take your word for it either. The best way we can help each other on the forum is to point each other towards real, credible information. Its slightly more difficult than just giving our opinion, but its much more effective.

    dnacol, if you spend enough time in the sun to cause you to burn then you should definitely use sunscreen. I would continue to look into some non-toxic solutions. Like Ceidren said, Badger is one option. I've seen that in places like Whole Foods. Mexitan is another line that makes some non-toxic sunscreen, but you might have to look online for that one.

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