How to make a morning smoothie when you have no time

Hey guys, I'm trying to promote my student/busy lifestyle raw blog... it's more for those of you are just starting out or trying to figure out how to marry your busy lifestyle with being raw, although if you want to just come over and say hi, please do! =) My latest post is about how going 100% vegan or raw vegan takes time and the second half is tips on how to make your morning smoothie supah fast if you have no time.

Here's an except:

"Rarely does anyone go vegetarian/vegan overnight. I was gung-ho about going cold turkey, even while I was still eating meat! I was in love with the ideal but I didn’t know how to transition. I read all the books, all the blogs, knew the necessary kitchen equipment, wanted to try all kinds of new recipes… but I didn’t know what to eat to stay full; I didn’t know how to make meals out of legitimate raw vegan food. For me, this was a learning-by-doing process. Changing my diet so radically was a learning experience and took time. It still is...."

Even if none of this applies to you, if you have been raw for years, please go check it out leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to see on a blog that caters to readers with busy lifestyles!

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