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I started out at 133 lbs at six feet tall, an honors student who came to “the country” (Long Island) from NYC. I learned how to build my body up to over 200 lbs., which was, I must admit, and still is, genetically tall and thin. But at least not skinny or weak anymore. Being and honors student and getting beat up constantly for being a gentleman in school instead of acting like a jerk gave me the impetus to beat them at their own game. They did not even recognize me after a few years! But to make a long story short, after going plant-based in 1985, and then raw in 1999, I discovered the difference between muscle SIZE and pure muscle. I experienced great strength at less bodyweight, plus amazing definition. Now at 25 lbs less, I am told I look lean but with lots of muscle. And the endurance! Wow! at age 19 I was only able to run four flights of bleachers without gasping for air. 25 years LATER without any cardio training except for my efficient and brief weight-training routine twice per week for 30 minutes, I was able to do eleven flights right off the bat! Then, after “training” for four weeks a few times per week I got it up to 39 flights! I never experienced results like these. And this was the result of diet alone! incredible. Of course I have experienced many other super positive results as well, but the main thing I have always believed is that we must look the part if we are to set an example for others who need to see what genuine health INSIDE AND OUT is all about. Mens sano en corpore sani! “Sound mind in a sound body” Alsoo.. “The body is the vehicle that carries the brain around and I like to ride in a nice carriage” – Thomas Edison


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Great story, thanks for sharing it. I think men need to hear this, there are frequently posts on here about men being worried about losing weight and strength when they go raw, you are living proof that it is not the case.

  • I agree with Zoe. =)

    Your story is very inspiring. And welcome!

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