Traveling Partners Wanted for Fruit Vacation!

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Hello, fruit lovers! I am looking for people who would be interested in joining me on an exotic fruit-seeking vacation this summer. Right now I am partial to Thailand, Brazil, Belize, and Costa Rica - but I'm open to other ideas, especially if you are familiar with the area, speak the language, and/or know of an affordable place to stay. If you live in one of these places, or will already be traveling and would like to meet up, that would be great too!

A little about me:

Elementary school teacher

I love music and am a singer and songwriter

Not 100% raw, but am moving in that direction

I LOVE beaches - in fact, beaches are a must!

36 years old, unmarried, no kids


Extremely liberal, atheist, critical thinker

Love irreverent humor (Kids in the Hall, MST3k, South Park, Daily Show)

What I'm looking for in a travel partner:

Easy-going and flexible

On the path to raw (or already there!)


Self-sufficient and, most importantly....


Please only reply if you are seriously interested and capable of paying your own way.

Thanks for reading!


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