Advice for Candida, please?!

Hey board, it's been quite a while since I've posted here, but I know many of you will have an answer or some good advice at the very least.

I haven't been raw for over a year, I'm still vegan and i eat mostly organic foods, but a lot of vegan, organic junk food has found it's way into my lifestyle. I'm hoping to be about 75-80% raw by the middle of April. I feel such a negative difference since i fell off the wagon, including weight gain, sever depression, trouble breathing, zero libido, and candida albicans. :(

I am ready to go mostly raw again, I've been trying anyway, but I'm being held back by this awful candida!! I have a fridge full of tasty fresh organic greens but I've been getting horrible cravings for bread and other sugary substances. Once I start often times I can't stop until it hurts. Same goes for anything containing nutritional yeast. I've cut that out as well since its known to feed candida.

How can I kill this off completely? Should I fast? Master cleanse w/o the syrup? Hang upside down from the rafters until it seeps out? I'm seriously willing to try anything at this point.

oh yes, and I've also added unsweetened, plain soy yogurt to my diet as well as raw coconut oil (i heard both these help to kill the yeast).


  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I've been reading about Olive Leaf Extract, for other issues, but I keep hearing that it is great for candida.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Nutritional yeast doesn't feed candida, it is an inactive yeast. But if you are allergic to yeast it should be avoided.

    If it truly is candida overgrowth then id avoid using anti-fungals such as the above, all they do is temporarily kill off the candida without rectifying the problem. The whole reason candida overgrowth occurs is due to a change of PH in the digestive tract to an alkaline PH. This can happen for a variety of reasons the most common is after antibiotics killing off the acid producing good bacteria.

    The best way to get the terrain back to an acidic PH which keeps candida in its normal yeast form is to repopulate your gut flora with fermented foods/probiotics such as water kefir, cultured veggies etc. Rasising your stomach acid with raw apple cider vinegar mid meal is also helpful.


  • I wasn't able to stick to the Body Ecology Diet because of the extreme weight loss. However, the cultured vegetables are great for helping with the horrible cravings. Here's a link for one of the recipes. Instead of using their starter, I broke open a capsule of acidophilus that had the L. plantarum strain in it. (Much cheaper)

    Please don't attempt the Master Cleanse without the syrup. It's the syrup that gives you the nutrients and energy that you're not getting from food.

    After 3 months of eating mostly raw, the candida problem was so much better that I can now eat fruit. So hang in there, it does get better.

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