Eating raw and local

Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

Seems to me the ideal basis for a raw diet is loads of fruit. Works great for me anyway. But, the problem is the fact that I live in Ireland, which isn't exactly a thriving centre of banana/coconut/mango/etc. production, and if I want any of these things (which I often do) I have to buy them shipped in from a long way away. Too often, I don't know who grows them, how the workers are treated, or if I can't get organic, what chemicals are in or on them. And besides all that, the current system of world trade is drastically unsustainable, with important ecosystems being wrecked for the sake of oil used to fuel planes and trucks. I don't want to uphold any of this crap.

Sooooo, I'd like to hear from raw vegans who, like me, live in temperate regions where large volumes of high-calorie fruit are not locally produced very often, and I'd like to know if you've got around that without relying on produce flown halfway around the world.

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