slow cooker instead of dehydrator?!

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Question! Now, can i use my slow cooker in place of a dehydrator. Would love a dehydrator but just cant afford one....been looking on auction sites etc but with living in the UK, there really isnt much going and i dont want to be spending tax duty etc by getting something from US. Any ideas would be most appreciated!

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  • I have used my crappy electric oven (came with the flat) as a dehydrator by putting it on the lowest possible heat with the fan on and the door wedged slightly open. It's not too consistent or reliable for that purpose though.

  • I also use my oven in a similar way, on about 50 seems to work fine to soften up vegetables and slightly warm dishes. I only really use it with recipes where it says dehydrate for 1 to 2 hours. I doubt it would work for anything that you need to dehydrate for a long time to create a certain result like for flax crackers, though I have never tried.

    I'm also in the UK so I know what you're talking about :)

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    I dont think a slow cooker would work, but as above ive heard alot of people using an oven at a low temperature to make dehydrated foods.


  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    This might sound crazy, but I've seen websites with instructions about making your own with a light bulb and a fan. It seems possible and might be worth a try.

  • nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

    Aw thanks guys and girlies,.....and yes i had thought about making my not a mad idea but im just a bit scared of setting fire alarm off in my flat....

  • If it gets that hot, you're doing it wrong!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Right! I've read about using a light bulb, that should pose no threat.

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