New to Raw- and doing RAWSOME!

So hap:)py to be here! I've been on the raw food diet for 5 weeks. And it is kind of like being on a desert island. I feel great, talk about raw, and nobody cares! I feel like I found something valuable that people around me think is crazy. Anywho, u guys understand, thankfully!

I had chronic fatigue since september, with a saliva PH of 4.5! After making changes, and eventually going raw, I'm now up to 6.6.

Not only did I lose 15 pounds, 4" on my tummy, but I look and feel better. I've almost recovered from CF.

(My energy, sleep, digestion are recovered,but I still have a sinus infection. The immune system takes a long time to rebuild.)

My face doesn't look 10 years older anymore. I see a glimmer of my young self again. My skin glows, my eyes look bigger and brighter,

my cheekbones are back (because my face is no longer puffy), my teeth are re-mineralizing, and my hair is finally growing thick again. Yay!! And I can wear belts again! (I was looking allittle sausagey).

I wrote about my experience with the raw food diet on my blog.

Here's my link

This has been the best diet ever!

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