Sinus infection!

LotusLoverLotusLover Raw Newbie


Got a sinus infection which I then sealed shut with pot.

Any experience with this, and how to drain? Tried everything. Neti, steam, etc.

I am a Crohn's patient. Also, a good place to blog? Can I take garlic w/probiotics?

Sorry, name is James.

I am new with Raw but have much experience.


  • Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie

    yikes! I too get chronic sinus infections. Every doctor tells me that u can get away without taking antibiotics until they become impacted. After that, it is very dangerous!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I've dealt with sinus infections since I was young. I used to end up with antibiotics quite often, but haven't had to take them for about 15 years (although I still get sinus infections). A couple years ago, Seth Godin wrote about a nasal irrigator that he uses ( At $100 or so, it is an investment. But, it has helped me immensely. He also mentions drinking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day.

  • LotusLoverLotusLover Raw Newbie

    Yeah, 9 doctors have refused treatment, only one CT scan months ago. Left node is completely blocked!

    I smell ashes, and food is sucking up into my gums which have swollen shut. I am desperate?!

  • LotusLoverLotusLover Raw Newbie

    I do ACV, sinus cleaner is interesting, but unaffordable.

    I am disabled with a weekly payee, so that or food.

  • I don't like to take antibiotics as it is not good for stomach flora. When i feel a sinus infection coming on i use a neti pot to rinse the gunk out of my nose. Seems to help. silver sinus also works real well for me and saves me a trip to the doctor. (Who was going to prescribe me antibiotics anyways!) LOL.

  • Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie

    Ok this sounds crazy especially if you a re a guy. But I get sinus infections, and crying is VERY helpful! I watch sappy movies, and it helps!

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