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Hey heys im Myda from Chicago new to the site but love it. Everyone seems so friendly which i love. So ive been a raw foodist for a good 6/7 months and i love it!! i wish i would have know years back but hey im 20 and i think its a great start. Im so exited for the life ahead of me being a raw food eater its just amazing.




  • oh your profile pic is so sweet.

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    Hey Namaste, How wonderful that you have discovered raw foods in your 20’s….. you have many many years of raw eating ahead of you..I only discovered raw in my 40’s and I’m feeling fantastic so I can only imagine how magnificent that would be if I were your age. I agree with Weazelchef, your baby elephant is adorable

  • i love your profile picture!

  • Welcome to the forum! I have found the people here to be very helpful,like an extended family. Love the baby elephant!

    Peace to you!~

  • welcome..namaste

  • Welcome! And congratulations on being raw! All of you who have done raw for any length of time are an inspiration for me.

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