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hi : )

I just saw a video of a flower growing in a vase of food colouring. it showed to me visually how a plant can carry water and all chemicals included within up through the entire plant, from roots to leaves.

I have also seen videos of how these large farms spray unimaginable amounts of poison all over the plants stems and leaves, but also all over the soil down toward the roots. I really used to think that plants would naturally filter a certain amount of toxins out and perhaps that if I washed a lettuce for example (as instructed on the packaging) I would be o.k and remove say? 80 percent of the chemicals?. "wash before you eat" makes it seem as though the majority ( of whatever it is they are using? ) is on the outside, on the leaves.

Now it is quite obvious to me that this is not entirely so. that a very high percentage gets right inside the stems, leaves and fruit. You certainly cannot wash out the dyes from the flowers in the videos I have seen today and therefore it is obvious you cannot wash out the high percentage of pesticides from chemicalised fruits and vegetables.

Why is it , that organic food is labelled "orgainic" , yet chemicalised food is not labelled 'at all' to warn the consumer? Also what pesticide is in the foods we buy? why is it not in the ingredients?

If food was clearly labelled, people would naturally start to aim for organic food, and then the cost of organic food would fall. right?

Any thoughts on this welcome. : )

here is a short video of a flower turning blue ,



  • THANK YOU for pointing out what is so obvious to US. I hate that there is so much hidden from us on labels. Particularly here in America. Consumers should be able to read a label and KNOW what's actually in the food they are buying. We should be told which chemicals are being absorbed into our produce and consequently into our bodies when we eat it. If people could really know what is being added to their food or sprayed on their produce, the move to eating natural, organic foods would be unparalled. If physicians would actually learn something about nutrition and dare to tell their patients that 'YES... WHAT YOU EAT DOES MATTER' instead of just handing them a perscription, then people would care more about taking personal responsibility for their health. Thanks again for posting!


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    i am glad you agree thebajan. : )

    Does anyone know why none-organic food is not labelled correctly?

    Is it simply that a change in labelling would create a massive shift in purchasing toward healthier food? If so , why would the government not want this?

    I do not think people should have to find this out all for themselves. it should be taught at school, on the label as a health warning and products should be tested regularly to be sure the label is correct. unfortunately people are trusting because they do not have test equipment, how would anyone know what substance is on their apple skin? or what was destroyed in the process of making a tin of beans?

  • Harpie:

    "Is it simply that a change in labelling would create a massive shift in purchasing toward healthier food? If so , why would the government not want this?"


    Unfortunately, we live in a world where whatever company makes the most money calls the shots. So if we were to all eat healthy raw organic food (or even just organic food), there would be an epidemic of health. Therefore, drug companies are out billions of dollars because there aren't nearly as many sick people to give the drugs to. Even the people that were dependent on insulin for diabetes would stop taking the insulin, because a raw organic vegan diet can in fact reverse diabetes.

    I just bought a half gallon of raw juice from my local whole foods store that had a sticker warning (Required by the FDA) to the consumer that read "This juice has not been pasteurized, therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in the elderly, children, and people with weakened immune systems."

    And the non organic, hardly even juice was in pretty packaging, pictures of oranges, trees, cloudless skies, and described as "Florida's best, fresh squeezed"

    And the agricultural giants that yield the highest amount of product no matter how their means, make the most money using genetically modified seeds, pesticides, and non organic fertilizers. Regional and Locally grown food is usually the best way to go to avoid this.

    And you're absolutely right, we shouldn't have to find out all this information on our own, we should be taught this at a younger age. I think that we just need to help get the word out on this. The benefits of having an organic diet are just too rewarding for someone to not pursue it.

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