I'm going to try my best not to make this sound like a cliche sob story, but I may fail at it..we'll see. I was diagnosed with an acute variety of leukemia in November 2010. My best friend talked to me about going all natural and I was all for it. Never really got into the medical route. I started with eating only alkaline foods but it's not quite cutting it so she talked me into going raw. My family didn't quite get the holistic route I was taking from the beginning, so not only didn't I get the support I quite needed but I also got a lot of doubt. I was/am experiencing some super negative energy from my family, and they haven't really tired putting the effort into understanding my choices. Despite the lack of faith, I'm determined to take control of my health medicine free. I signed up to this website in hopes of gaining as much knowledge and insight as possible on the path I'm choosing. As it stands now I'm super excited to start this lifestyle. Thank you so much for your time, you're all awesome and completely inspiring.

Have a gooder.


  • Hope you are allright!

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