Energy & Raw Food

Sooo. I am starting to introduce more raw foods into my diet. I am excited about it, and I feel good eating raw foods. When I eat too much cooked food, oftentimes I have digestive problems. Not with raw.

However, I do not have enough energy. I can make it partway thru the day, on mostly raw food. I am not extremely strict about raw; I eat roasted peanut butter and I include a protein supplement made from whey in my smoothies, which contains a full spectrum of proteins. But by 5 or 6 pm, I am too tired to do much. Then I eat a big meal including cooked foods, and I have energy and zest again! BUT, I also feel more gassy sometimes, and a little "heady"-- there's a kind of rollercoaster effect from all the energy the food provides.

I would like to go more raw, maybe 70% raw, but I need to have a couple of easy things to make that will give me that kind of energy that I get from pasta or a stirfry. I'm adventuring out on different new foods pretty slowly, I'm not ready to eat a bunch of weird things at this point. :)

I am vegetarian (not vegan) raw, but milk does not seem to provide this boost like a solid cooked meal.

I have mild adrenal fatigue, which used to be moderate, and I used the adrenal fatigue diet to recover. I take several supplements a day, including Vit E & siberian gingseng.

I'm getting some raw pumpkin seeds to munch on... and I want to get some sprouts too and maybe start sprouting at some point.

Anyone have any tips for me...? :)


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    It doesnt sound like your getting enough calories in my opinion, try upping your fruit intake, quick easy calories and are a good source of carbs for energy.

    Fruits are also rich in vitamin C which is the most needed nutrient by the adrenal glands. Adaptogenic herbs such as siberian ginseng, jiaogulan, schizandra berry, maca root, ashwagandha etc are good for restoring proper adrenal gland function. Other non adaptogenic herbs which are good are amla berry and nettle leaf for supporting the adrenal glands.


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