Mineral Makeup

I was wondering whether anyone knows of any good brands of mineral makeup. Not all brands are as natural as they claim, and I don't want to use anything harmful on my skin.

Has anyone actually tried making mineral makeup? I've heard of people doing it, but not sure how hard it is...


  • I use Everyday Minerals and am incredibly happy with it. :)


  • I love these: http://www.zuiiorganic.com/

    Made from flower petals + minerals!

  • The best mineral line I have found that has no nano sized particles and no bismuth oxychloride is Alima Pure cosmetics.

  • I used Jane iredale for years. Now my skin glows better without it. But I still use it around my eyes to make makeup stay better, and as sun protection.

  • I love mineral makeup - for about the first.hour, then it goes all flaky. I wouldn't recommend it if you have naturally dry skin. I've tried a few brands over the years because it really is great for evening out tones, and it looks wonderful when first applied. But alas, every type I have tried has ended up looking odd within a few hours.

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