Organic Vegan Country Living

My boyfriend and I are organic vegans working and living on an organic 10 acre ranch. We have 11 vegan dogs who we prefer to call friends. We raise organic vegetables from seeds. We strive to keep our gardens not only organic, but vegan. Have you ever had an organic vegetable that smelled or tasted a little too fishy for comfort? Probably because of the over use of fish emulsion and other fish bi-products in the soil and fertilizers. We avoid all fish emulsions and fish solubles. Any how, we have been experimenting with the raw food diet over the past few years and we really enjoy the exceptional flavors and positive energy of raw food. I am currently hoping to find one or two vegan girls to come help with our work load. At the moment I have not much to offer but room and board, in a beautiful country setting in central California, organic food, body and hair care included. A small salary is negotiable and long term commitment will reap benefits including but not limited to, surf trips to Baja California Sur, yoga retreats, weekly yoga classes, sustainable clothing and shoes. I am looking for dog loving girls that can work as hard or harder than me with as much or more motivation.

General chores include caring for the four puppies and seven adult German Shephards/Siberian Huskies, planting, transplanting, pruning and watering fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs, preparing raw foods and cooking organic vegan meals for everyone including the friends/dogs, book and internet research and house work. I am an experienced esthetician, and therefore can perform facials and waxing services. I know basic massage techniques. I am an experienced nail technician and therefore give great organic manicures and pedicures. I hoping to find a girl with whom I can exchange facials, waxes, nail care and massages. In the future I plan to make all my own sustainable organic clothing, skin and hair care.

I am also very interested in raising all fruits including tropical fruit from seed. My boyfriend plans to open a non-profit vegan center and is in the process of opening two organic, mostly raw restaurants. We also plan to start a charity, "The Earthquake Foundation", helping those without voices, such as animals, plants, endangered species, beaches, riverbeds and children. We are and will hopefully always be very busy people. One goal in our life is to always be improving and learning. Though we work hard from sun up until sun down and often in to the night we make time to exercise, surf, pray, sing, dance and laugh. If you absolutely love dogs and sustainable organic vegan food, if you love learning, if you love recycling, if you love gardening, if you strive to be a positive, happy, healthy person, if leaving a light foot print on Earth is crucial to you, if helping others is important and if this post interests you or perhaps you're the girl I am looking for, please send me an email at

There are absolutely no cigarrettes allowed on our organic ranch. We typically abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages, but the consumption of organic spirits and wines are tolerated in moderation as long as no negativity accompanies the consumption.

Blessings and positive vibrations to everyone reading this.



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