whole cabbage a day - is this too much?

nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

Im just wandering if one whole red cabbage a day is excess? I just love its crunchiness and cant seem to get enough of it......i have it with everything.....and its not like my body is craving it because of a deficiency as i have been having it everyday in such quantity for months and months.

You think its fine to continue like this?

Thanks X X X


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    eating too many crustiferous veggies can be a problem because they affect thyroid. i personally do not believe in mono meals I think variety is best.

  • nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

    Ooooh, i didnt know that? That's not good :( Can you think of any other vegetable that has the same thick crunchiness as the red cabbage and which isnt as starchy as a butternut squash?

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