Mood Swings - Please Help!!!!

Hi everybody, I am a week into my new Raw lifestyle and am loving it. Before last week I was a totally 'hooked on cooked', alcohol and cigarettes. This passed week I have been living mostly on green juices and salads. However I have been having the odd cooked potato and shop brought coleslaw as well as continuing with the disgusting cigarettes. The good things are that people are saying my skin is glowing (although no evidence of weight loss yet) but I love this process, fully understand and accept the process behind it and am determined to continue with this wonderful, amazing lifestyle.

The problem is my mood swings :-( On Friday at work we had a meeting where I went a bit crazy and fell off the wagon. I drank: 1 cup of coffee, 2 glasses of sparkling wine and I ate various party foods, ie crisps, choclate (I know, I know, I am truly disgusted with myself)! The problem is that I, a normally placid, calm, shy person, snapped at one of my colleagues and today I snapped at the man in the corner shop. I hate myself when I am doing it and feel such guilt and shame afterwards. Why is this happening to me? Is it normal? Am I missing something from my diet.

Please help


  • a lot of us have gone through 'cooked food withdrawls' for a while after going raw. some days are much worse than others, but keep the faith. they pass with time.

  • Thank you so much for your response dschare. I thought it might be the shock of the chocolate and alcohol to my system, though. I guess I will have to warn everybody about these mood swings. The funny thing is I am aware I am doing it and it is really difficult to not control myself!!! I will keep the faith, it's 9:24 am in London and I have just juiced 2 apples and a lemon and am about to make a green juice for lunch before I go to work. Dinner will be a large salad with guacamole. Yum Yum.

  • good plan! when you notice a moody episode starting, try to go to a quiet place for a few minutes... ladies room, bedroom, or just out for a walk. I started writing in a journal every day. being able to get it out of my system on paper seemed to help me. being alone with my thoughts and anxiety when i started getting moody helped me work through it at that time, though...

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