Extreme picky eater help!!

I am new to raw and have found that the only things I can eat are frozen bananas with strawberries in a smoothie and grapes. I have tried making different salad dressings but get really sick after I eat them. For example anything with tomatoes, avocados, vinegar, oil, and there is more but it gives me an extreme headache and makes me sick. I have noticed today that my joints in my hands are hurting me really bad and it is hard to bend my fingers so I thought it might be from too many bananas. I don't know, so I have been trying to incorporate some cooked food like lima beans, saltine crackers, and soup just once a day (not all at once but soup w/ crackers one day and limas another). But I find that every time I eat something cooked now I am getting really sick with a headache and have no energy. I have no idea what to do I feel like I am trapped to eating just bananas and grapes. If so am I getting enough nutrients, that is my question. I just need some guidance and help. Thanks.


  • It could be that you are experiencing symptoms of detox.

    I suggest taking it slowly! Try just one raw meal a day and make sure it's with foods that you like. Try simple dishes - if you like grapes how about a red grape and celery smoothie, they go together really well.

    See how you go with simple raw combinations (I'd suggest laying off vinegar and oil) for a while before you try to introduce more.


  • Go to a naturapath and/or a nutritionist who is raw-friendly, and find out your body type and nutritional needs. Then you will know where to start. You've obsviously begun in a radical fashion... as Alison says ... start slowly! This is a big change for any body to handle ... epecially if you are not used to eating a diet with a large percentage of raw foods to begin with. A change-over taking about three months is a good, slow pace, and will let you know what foods your body does best with. Also, if you are a caffeine drinker (black tea, coffe, even decaf, or soda pop) getting nasty headaches for a week or so is a symptom of caffeine withdrawal. Depending on your age, you may be getting a bit arthritic, and the radical diet change probably means you are dumping toxins ... again, headaches and stiff joints. Try some arnica montana homeopathic tablets (it keeps my arthritis under control), and drink A LOT of water while your system cleanses itself.

  • Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie

    I agree with the detox symptoms. I suggest you keep your meals to 3-4 ingredients.

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