sustaining raw in an emergency

nicolettenicolette Raw Jr. Superstar

Suddenly had an thought....and thought you might id bring it to you guys....In the event that i couldnt get hold of raw produce for a few days (eg snowed in or housebound in any other way), how do i ensure i can sustain my raw diet? I suppose travelling away from home might pose similar problems too?

Anyone have any solutions? Just want to be prepared, you know?!


  • Good question! One thing that helps is growing things at home--a little gardening goes a long way. Also, preserving things (freezing, fermenting, etc.) makes them more available in extreme times.

    Beyond that, it's a little hard, for sure. I've fallen off the raw wagon several times due to semi-emergencies (pneumonia once, and now I'm off the wagon with a broken ankle. Makes it very hard to acquire and prep produce!).

    I'm curious to hear other folks' input on this, as well.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    You should always have a couple days worth of fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge/freezer or ripening on the shelf.

    If you are traveling, you always have access to grocery stores with even just the minimum amount of planning. I've bicycled for hundreds of miles while 100% raw and had absolutely no problem carrying enough fruit with with me to last in between towns. It should be pretty easy if you can just load up the car with food.

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