Durianrider and Freelea speak in Lansdale, PA

eechoeecho Raw Newbie

Durianrider and Freelea are apparently touring around the U.S. and will be speaking at Arnold's Way in Lansdale, PA on August 1st. Attendance cost $10. Check out their flyer here.

Arnold's Way is an excellent raw vegan cafe and the talk is sure to be worthwhile.

The address is: 319 West Main Street, Lansdale, PA.

If you live in Philadelphia, it is very easy to get to via public transportation. Just ride the Lansdale/Doylestown line from Suburban Station north to Lansdale, which is 12 stops. On August 1st, taking the 5:20pm train will get you there at 6:15pm. Arnold's Way is literally right across the street from the train station in Lansdale. Check out rail directions here.

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