Vega Sports Protein & Sports Optimizer

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Hey everyone, ok we have had word from Vega that they are bringing out a new vegan sports range and that it will replace the current range(sports protein & sports optimizer). The new range although wont be out for a while sounds really promising. Hopefully they taste as good as the current range which for vegan protein is very good in my opinion.

We know many really rate the above products so we have stocked up as best we can with the above. All the flavors of sports protein are in i.e vanilla, berry and chocolate. We have also stocked up on the sports optimizers in both flavors lemon lime and acai berry. We will soon have the last of the stock in the UK.

The good bit is the expiration date for the above products is in 2013 so it will last a long time if anyone decides to stock up:).

Just thought id update in case any one here would like to get some before they disappear. I

Vega Sports Protein & Sports Optimizer


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