cancer healing raw/jucing book suggestions. please help

Hello, I am new I all of this raw stuff.I have some questions and I thought this would be the right community to ask. Ever hear of dr. Stanley bass? I have been looking into his healing methods. My father has lung cancer and has gone through one round of chemo/radiation. I really was now interested in putting him on an all raw diet to heal him. I was Interested mostly in raw juicing so that his body, especially liver can detox and rejuvenate. Besides, i have heard that juicing has the greatest healing powers. Any good cancer healing books You know of? Dr. Stanley bass has really peaked my interest. (I know he is raw but not raw vegan). Let me know what you think. There are SO MANY different books out there, I am feeling lost. Just want to help my dad and i am (he is) running out of time. Thank you


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    theres alot of info / links in below thread link

    and wheat grass juice is claimed by many to be able to clear cancerous cells

    along with other dark greens as they alkalize the blood which in turn is said to eliminate the cancerous cells

    in europe many have cleared cancer on raw beet juice fasts

    also check out , besides main page check in profile area for people juicing to clear cancer

    heres link :

    ps - as long term vegan and studier of natural healing i put alot of hope into wheat grass / dark green juice's . but as info is being amassed world wide its being found theres alot of different natural substances that can clear cancer . if dad not computered best thing to me is setting him up with whatever kind of computer , used / cheap theres millions floating around , and have him search 24 / 7 . best thing about it would be him corres;ponding with others with ailment to help push each other to juice fast / improve diet

  • This is great. Thanks so much for your response. I will look into it. I have definitely dove myself into research. Unfortunately my dad is a bit stubborn so I have to do all the work for him. I guess I don't mind long as he is willing to go through the detox period of not feeling so well. He has been consuming raw beet juice and other green juices everyday. I just think he has to drop all the other unhealthy foods for the raw juicing to be fully effective. I feel as though the goodness is the juices can't reach their full potential benefits for as long as he is counteracting it with other cooked, processed foods. I will look into those links and research more and maybe even get him to a good holistic doctor to guide us through it all.

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