Please help, desperate with health issue

I did very well on raw foods for a while but now I'm really sick and I don't know what to do to get better...

At the end of December of last year (2010) I got 4 wisdom teeth surgically removed. My internal system is very sensitive, they gave me half the normal dose of the sedative, and they still couldn't wake me up for an hour after they did the surgery, it hit me very hard. I had to take antibiotics and painkillers for roughly 10 days after the surgery. I started to develop multiple bodily infections; mostly yeast and urinary tract infections and what seemed to be candida in my intestine. I had extreme nausea and severe abdominal pain. The doctor said that my body had to rebuild the bacterial balance that was wiped out by the antibiotic, and that with a little yogurt I would be completely normal within 2 months, tops. The recurring yeast and urinary tract infections continued at least 4 months afterward, and the extreme nausea and abdominal pain has not stopped and it is now at least 9 months later. Often I can't sleep in the middle of the night and I am stuck in the bathroom for hours at a time feeling like I need to vomit but I never do. I only eventually go #2 after a long time and its very painful through the intestine, but i'm not constipated. I feel tired a lot and especially when i get those episodes during the night (sometimes during the day) I have hot flashes, sweat, tremble and get dizzy and can hardly sit up, let alone walk. I feel hungry a lot even when I have eaten, eating seems to lessen the stomach pain, although later on I regret eating because of the intense pain after it passes through my stomach. Eating raw foods seems to result in the least amount of pain, but I have not been able to recover even with eating mostly raw foods for 9 months. Doctors haven't been able to give me an answer except to take fiber which didn't help. I haven't been able to work because I can't seem to stay on my feet for more than an hour without needing to lie down and be very still.

I'm worried because people are telling me that I am not getting proper nutrition and that this has to be the reason I don't get better. I'm a healthy weight, and I make green smoothies and raw beet, carrot, spinach and romaine juices often. I eat kale salads, avocados, kim chi, and a variety of fruits and nuts. Every once in a while because I also feel very hungry all the time I have a cheese quesadilla, chips or a little rice and beans, and sometimes ice cream or candy. I try to eat seaweed as often as possible with sacha inchi oil for omega-3s.

I know some people who were vegetarian and went back to eating meat because they said after a while they started getting sick. I haven't had meat in about 12 years, and I don't want it. It disgusts and horrifies me. My boyfriend is one of the people telling me I need to eat meat to get better and I even considered trying the salmon he cooked, but I couldn't do it. My hand had the fork coming for my face and my other hand literally held it back while I screamed.

I felt fine before I got that surgery, but no one believes that I could've been this sensitive to have this issue be related so much time afterward. Its taking my life, I can't exercise or be with my family for long, I can't work and I had to give up a once in a lifetime summer academic opportunity because I can't travel, the most I can do is force myself to go to class and then go home and be in bed recuperating. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with me or how to get better? Please....


  • So sorry you are having this problem. Doctors know very little about nutrition. If you are having a candida problem, you need to stay completely away from polysachararides and disachararides (sugars, starches, seaweeds, grains). If it helps at all, check out . I had Now and eat raw veggies and fruit and feel great again. Once your system gets "out of whack" it takes a bit to get it back in shape--but you can get there! Also, SCD Lifestyle helped a lot, but there is a cost to get their e-book. Hope this helped. Namaste!

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