Blendtec pre-programmed cycles - Please help!

edited November 2013 in Food Preparation

Calling all Blendtec Wildside users, would truly appreciate it if you can enlighten me.

Which cycles do you use to make the following:

-zuchinni hummus

-frozen banana ice cream

-cashew ice cream

-cashew butter

-date or fig paste

-almond date pie crust

-nut pates

I previously made all these using a food processor and the results turned out good. I bought the Blendtec hoping to consolidate my food prep there, but the results turned out disastrous, as it seemed i keep picking the wrong cycles.

Eg: hummus remains chunky, nothing close to smooth consistency, despite me blending for a good 10 minutes trying different cycles!

Any help much much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

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