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edited December 2013 in Introductions

Hello all! Today was day 2 in my transition to a raw food lifestyle. I've read "Raw Food Detox" and was/am fascinated by the idea of completely cleaning my body out and reaching optimum health. I'm 27 years old, but am 50-60 pounds overweight, am plagued by constant heartburn, extreme fatigue (I drink several cups of coffee plus 1-2 energy drinks every day just to stay awake at work), have aching joints, patchy skin, grey hair. . . in other words, I'm living in a body way too old and worn down.

I do want to lose weight - absolutely no doubt about it, as it's either lose weight or start wearing a sheet w/ a hole in it to work - but more than anything I want to feel better, healthier.

I am in a transition right now, so am not 100% raw, but look forward to reaching that goal.


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