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I keep a little blog for myself as a diary and a place to put articles I find of interest. It's real basic and boring, but I just HAD to share this because it's such a happy, positive dream come true!: http://dsrawkitchen.blogspot.com/


  • Great blog, but do you really think all-out fruitarianism is a good idea?

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    Ya, with a little raw dairy. It's when I've felt my best, and is the only thing that makes my blood pressure go down. I have an enlarged heart (no cure for that), hence my bp is always around 200/140. Doing just fruit and goat milk it dropped to 154/104 at one point, and for me that's excellent.

    I just believe it's the way we were intended to eat. I am far from being there, but won't quit trying. Summer was easy, but it's hard now in Oregon and I don't have alot of self-control. Same with my kids, but they try because they feel it's right too (although they still question alot). My son really wants to be an influence on his peers as far as diet.

    Right now doing ALOT of carrot juice, gteens raw dairy and almonds. It's more comforting in the winter, but I don't feel as good and my digestion isn't as great as it was on just fruit (mainly bananas) and the dairy. I still see alot of wonderful results though: my skin has become so nice I have given up any kind of makeup and I can't find a single gray hair anymore, and not an ounce of cellulite...and I'll be 50 in two months.

    Sorry, I'm pretty chatty. Anyway, yes I do. I wish I lived somewhere warm where I could access juicy fruits and durian year round...but we do the best we can.

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