Doing a juice feast until Christmas Day!

I'm on day 2 of a juice feast that will last until Christmas! If you wanna join in or read about my experience, I'm blogging it here:

My last juice feast was years ago, so it's definitely time for another go round!


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    Girl, I'm with you! My really raw kitchen ( is not so raw these days. Greg's with me full time as we're both laid off and he wants cooked vegan, so boxes and cans have slowly made their way into my (excuse me...our) kitchen.

    It's hard not to indulge, but I'm jumping on board with you until Christmas Eve night (big family gathering).

    Thanks for saving me with your idea. I'll blog my results too.

  • went from vegan to raw vegan 6 years ago , at that point started fasting . what ive gravitated to is the ' monday fasting club ' as i call it . every sunday 6pm i go at minimum 24 hours on water , if feeling it go longer and if needed add juices . i picked this start time / day so people could get off work for weekend and relax / pig out for 48 hours in order to feel recharged over weekend from work . then its easy to go 24 hours then eat after work monday nite . then after developing that weekly habit start to push it further . the logic being that obviously fastings a great but difficult to weild health tool and this 6pm sunday start is best way to work at improving the discipline . just thought ide put that out there in case it is useful to anyone . any way im on a water fast past 48 hours and looking to push it to the holiday also . currently on fasts when i get weak i suck on orange wedges without chewing pulp as the orange crops coming in and like loading up on its vitamin c . just got a 5lb cannister of manitoba hemp seed for fasting this winter , i'll make a hemp mylk in blender then strain it through a paint filter bag . yes not the cleanest fasting liquid but i say a raw plant liquid diet for days on a regular / yearly basis is just as valuable as super heavy duty long term cleaner water / juice fasts because your removing cellular pollution by dissolving fat out of body , pollution amongst the lymph fluids and in the fat cells is washing out with it . it just takes longer to get results . but at same time doing short term fasts week after week on regular basis is to me the best way to stick to the habit so most useful / feasible mode because getting psyched up for then sticking to a long term juice fast can be daunting and i end up blowing it off . its alot easier to stick to 24 hours every week after i just pigged out for 48 ;-) then from there push it . lets wash out some pollution this week

  • Let's do it! So far, I've avoided some awful holiday "treats", so I'm happy with my choice so far! I know how it is to sort of slowly stray away, it's hard to notice what's happening until you're waist deep in it :)

  • here at hour 48 on water even though im working short hours right now im pretty tired , but from 48 to 96 are always my toughest days . i did a 5 day fast last week then ate for 48 hours before starting this one , i dont want to over eat over winter and be flabby in spring so setting the tone now through holidays . and i always prefer fasting during winter as theres really no prime fresh veggys on market , or ecspecially from my garden in winter , so its a good time to avoid eating less then optimum foods . happy fasting peeps

  • for heck of it heres my vegan flag / philosophy : IIII

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    Roman, I like your 24-hr fasting plan. As far as adding milks, I do that also even though it slows things down. I still get the results. Tahini milk is my favorite. I did a juice fast last year and had a little goat milk each day...I know, not plant-based. I just think it's good to give the digestive system a rest even if it's not always optimal foods.

    So far I'm on day three and not keeping track like I said I was going to do, but at least I'm doing it. Kids are loving this...we are going through fruit and greens like crazy. I had some banana milk first evening as I always feel the need to go to bed with something heavy in my stomach....I am a compulsive nighttime eater, which I know is bad.

  • hi dblvsgrg , see you say kids so figured you'd like this smoothie kids video :

  • I'm so glad people are joining in! Whether it's a water fast, a juice feast, or other detox system, I think it's amazing that we're doing this right in the middle of all the holiday food festivities! I've been to a couple parties now and I'm glad I'm drinking juice, because it would have been difficult to resist otherwise. I might do this for every holiday season, who knows?

  • congrats on day 6 kd !!! its great feeling getting the g.i. tract empty / stomach unbloated feeling isnt it . i love after about 3rd day when my tract becomes empty and my abdomen feels extremely light to then run , currently im into wind sprints instead of distance and when i run on empty gut its like i could jump over a car hood and land on feet other side . its just a great feeling of lightness in gut . im eating tonite til sunday evening 6pm when i'll once again start my monday fast . happy cleansing

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    Love the kid smoothie video!

  • Roman, it is amazing to feel so light internally, I agree. I've just finished my last juice of the feast, and I'm going to continue tomorrow by mono mealing fruits and juicing greens in the evening.

  • my fave fasting authority at below link herbert shelton . its writing from way back like 70 years ago but dont discount it as shelton and his pals were over seeing thousands of fasts and thusly logging massive experience . matter of fact i think ide listen to these old timers before listening to todays pill pushers :

  • and my fave raw foodist the late norman walkers best book imo , another old timer but walker spoke big wisdom about the workings of the human body imo . walkers outlook is what converted me from ethical vegan on a mostly cooked and entirely whole food vegan diet to raw vegan , though ive been going back and forth from raw to high raw . link :

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