RO water :trace minerals

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I am about to invest in an RO water filter as my area is fluoridated and the level of chlorine sometimes burns my throat. Ive had enough of the water here.

Some people believe that once water is cleaned in this fashion it becomes unhealthy due to the lack of minerals

There are of course mineral drops that people can add to the water to re mineralise.

I do not know if this is neccercary if we eat well? However, i thought i should find out more. One of the top brand companies claim to contain 70 minerals in there bottle of trace minerals. But they do not list them on the packaging. so i emailed them and they said they would only talk to me over the phone 0800 ******* . i replied to say that i have a speech impediment and please could they send me the info via email? i have had no response. I also commented on another trace minerals company youtube page asking about ingredients, i was very polite. my comment was deleted!!

Does anyone here have any thoughts on water , or trace minerals?

thanks for your help.: )

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