Lifestyle choice, economic privilege and the Earth

Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

This is a subject I sincerely hope you've all thought about at one point or another, but I'm going to get it out there because I haven't seen it posted on this or any other raw vegan board.

Please be aware that I'm not bashing anyone's personal choices. They're none of my business and I have no right to attempt to influence them. This is just a thought of mine.

Is it acceptable to base your diet around food that has been transported long distances, using up lots of fossil fuels whose extraction is ecologically destructive? How well could you fare on a raw diet made up entirely of foods that can grow in your own climate and locality? Is it right that we in the Minority World (I'm taking a leap of assumption to some extent here) can eat fruit that costs up to


  • Deadly Steve, very interesting! What do you suggest we do?

  • I have contemplated the very same thing. This is why I mainly eat what is in season, and will be starting a LARGE garden of my own this year. I will frequent the farmer's market for what I cannot grow. I also buy my nuts and raisins in bulk from a local's not a perfect system, but it's still better than supporting large scale meat production.

  • You bring up an excellent point. However this is an imperfect world and there is no "right" solution. What you say though is a reminder to buy local and in season and to grow your own as much as possible. Thank you for the reminder.

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