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Liver Flush Myths

edited March 2014 in Health & Beauty

There was a thread on here about if the liver flush is beneficial for health so i thought i would do an article with my views on the traditional liver flush method of cleansing and the dangers/myths.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Liver Flush Myths


  • Thank you for posting this. I remember a time on these forums where these liver flushes were promoted like wild fires.


  • Thanks for the comment Chef Shuanna.

    Yeah they are very popular among the health movement but personally i don't feel they are safe and they don't work in the way they say they do. I should have posted this picture in the article but here is a image of a liver duct and stone. - http://www.thelifetree.com/images/liver01.jpg

    As you can see there is no way a 2 + inch stone would fit through these tiny ducts.

    Vegan Blog

  • "The pseudo stones that users report passing after consuming the liver flush mixture are actually a result of a process known as saponification. The stones are a complex formed due to the reaction between the sterols found in the olive oil and the bodies bile salts. This merely happens when you combine a fat with an akalai. This is why you will likely pass an endless amount of these pseudo stones every cleanse such as many liver flush individuals report."

    Exactly! It amazes me how many people fall for the liver flush scam. If you really think you have gallstones, you need to see a doctor. Then, you need to change your diet/lifestyle.

    I wrote about liver flushes here:




  • Very very interesting! Thank you Swayze for the excellent article! My poor cousin did that for gall stones.... it did not work and he ended up have his gall bladder removed.

    I LIKE your website Swayze!

  • Thank you! :)



  • I just read the content and also the writer states that the higher dietary fiber diet plan can help the actual gall bladder. I do not know how that may be once the dietary fiber does not actually get to the gall bladder?

  • Fiber is essential for bile formation which keeps the gallbladder healthy by promoting bile flow.

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