Need Some Recipes Please: 2 Cravings to Eat Raw

PrincessgirlPrincessgirl Raw Newbie

I have 2 craving I would love to eat raw -- Tim Horton's Breakfast Sandwich on a Cheese Croissant: It has egg, and bacon on a Cheese Croissant. Does anyone have any raw recipe that would mimic this?

The other craving I have is for perogies. Does anyone have raw food recipe for this one?

Any help is appreciated!


  • I was just thinking about you and your cravings yesterday. I have found that raw cashews and dates and figs and of course raw food bars, help me when I am craving something that is not raw. I just made raw "rice". A large parsnips, peeled and trimmed with some seas salt soaked and drained sunflower seeds, a dash or tow or raw soy sauce, a teaspoon of curry powder, mix all in a food processor and theresult looks and sorta tastes like rice. It is filling and raw and you feel good after eating it since you are staying raw and you fell satisfied. Hope this helps.

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