Need Some Recipes Please: 2 Cravings to Eat Raw

PrincessgirlPrincessgirl Raw Newbie

I have 2 craving I would love to eat raw -- Tim Horton's Breakfast Sandwich on a Cheese Croissant: It has egg, and bacon on a Cheese Croissant. Does anyone have any raw recipe that would mimic this?

The other craving I have is for perogies. Does anyone have raw food recipe for this one?

Any help is appreciated!


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Instead of trying to replicate this dish, why not eat something healthier that will satisfy your needs. It sounds like you're missing calories and carbs so why not have a big bowl of grapes or a bunch of bananas? Or you could make a fruit smoothie or a green smoothie.


  • I have to agree with Swayze. Sometimes it is far easier to change your taste buds then to try to replicate cooked food recipes. When you keep eating raw, you will find that your cravings for your formally cooked comfort foods diminish greatly then go away totally. When you want to treat yourself raw, then go with some raw food bars. Best wishes to you!

  • PrincessgirlPrincessgirl Raw Newbie

    Ok. Thanks. That's good advice.

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