DISCOUNTS!!! (SoCaL) Orgainc Produce Wholesaler Heath & Lejeune

I am sooo excited to offer this discount. Eating Organic is so important! Organic Produce is grown in soil with 50-70 minerals while non-organic produce is grown in soil with 3-5 minerals. When one eats non-organic produce you are not only getting mineral deficient "food" you are also eating pesticides. Most all non-organic produce is now also genetically modified which means you are eating fake, laboratory produce. This is not what your creator or the universes or mother nature intended for you to thrive on this planet.

Please take the time to visit this site:

and watch a few youtube videos on why organic is so important:

Pay the local Organic Farmer today and Avoid paying the Doctor later!

Here are the details for the deal:

Ok So the Deal is in!!! and It's big :)

1. There is NO Tax ...yayyyy!

2. Raw Beauty Foodies get 10% OFF

3. Promo Code: Raw Beauty Food and/or Stacey Jackson

Here are the details:

-There are new items weekly so please be sure you have Heath & Lejeune's updated spreadsheet from Laurent: (213) 614.1909

-You must order on your own by the Case as this is a "Bulk Wholesaler"... (please get with your neighbors and friends to do orders together, or join and we can do a weekly group buy, to ensure variety...unless you are a mono eater then this is perfect for you!) Min 1 case.

-The Order must be submitted the day before you want to pick it up by 12pm noon by email ( or by fax (213.614.6856). Please be sure to include all of your contact information and the promo code (Raw Beauty Food/Stacey Jackson) so that Laurent may contact you if he has any questions.

- You may pick up your order from downtown LA the next day between 6am and 2pm (1206 east 6th street, LA, Ca 90021, they are moving in April so new address to come soon)

Group Orders via

-This will ensure variety as we need to order cases (example 88-100 apples which we will divide among the weekly participants).

-I will be organizing a Conference Call (or something like this) weekly to gather and discuss what we want to buy as a group.

- I will place the Order.

-We will have a weekly meetup at Heath & Lejeune in DTLA to allocate the order.

-I will add a small fee per person for the organization of this order.

Please let me know if you have any questions:

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