h2o2 parasites and 1 year raw!

Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie

Hi everyone! I have now been on the raw diet for a year.

Before I started, I was bed ridden with chronic fatigue for

days at a time. And I looked at least 10nyears older than my

age. The raw diet got me up to 40% of my old energy levels.

And I was so grateful. I could exercise and get about having

a fun life. But I was still getting sick off of everyone.

Then I started h2o2 therapy and WOW! In my first 5 days, my

sinus infection almost cleared completely, and my energy

soared! I haven't felt this kind of energy in my adult life.

Then after a week, I started passing dead stomach worms. When

I would take the h2o2, my stomach felt very upset, which I

was warned would happen if you have them. Then by the 3rd

week when I got up to 25 drops, I started passing a different

kind of worm, clearish and looked like vermicelli. In the

past, I have done home colonics and passed black sesame seed

looking parasites. But when I started h2o2, I added it to my

colonic water. The o2 just kills them on contact! I finished

week 4, and now am down to 17 drops, and still passing worms!

I feel amazing even though I am no where near finished

detoxed, and still passing critters! Amazing!


  • Wow. What is H2O2 though?

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Wonderful stuff.

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