Why don't yogis eat mushrooms?

Mushrooms are one of the foods not recommended for the practice of yoga. They're labeled as a "tamasic" food in ayurveda, one of the foods that produce lethargy and mental dullness in those that consume them. Yet in Chinese Traditional Medicine and many other traditions throughout the world, mushrooms are used as powerful healing agents. Recent research has shown that certain mushrooms, including the cordycep and the reishi mushroom, inhibit viral infections and may even cure HIV.

So why don't yogis eat mushrooms? Find out at http://fruitnyoga.blogspot.com/2012/03/mushroom-conundrum.html


  • Wow, that is actually a very interesting article. I was wondering that myself. I suppose there is simply too much hard-to-digest fiber and proteins in mushrooms for them to be considered good food for yogis. Personally I do not like the taste of most mushrooms and avoid them, but I did try reishi and Inonotus obliquus with success. Although I suppose these medicinal mushrooms would fall into "medicinal herb" category in ayurvedic system?

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