Will probiotics powder work as a culture starter to make cultured (fermented) vegetables

Hi Gone Raw Family! I'd like to make some raw fermented veggies but dont have the money to buy body ecology culture starter. Can I use the powder inside my Culturelle probiotic capsules as my starter? Thanks fam! It's so great having your support! :)


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    The one time I tried that to make cultured carrots it didn't work. But I have mixed other veggies in with cabbage and it does. Cabbage has it's own natural cultures and bacteria that ferment just fine with just salt as a base. I have a recipe on here if you need one. No you don't need the body ecology overpriced stuff at all.

  • A probiotic starter culture is not required. There is naturally occurring good bacteria on the cabbage.

    I use the Pickle & Sauerkraut Maker- http://www.therawdiet.com/pisaandkimch.html

    The probiotic supplement helps to add in good bacteria, it usually adds in about 10 billion good bacteria, which multiply every hour. I use the Body Ecology brand, there is enough for six batches of sauerkraut, which is a very large quantity!!

    I like this article by Viktorus Kulvinskas, who talks about the Starter Culture:


  • great info fam! Thank you! :)

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