Help: Post labor 1 week: heartburn and gassy. Breastfeeding too

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I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy boy 8 days ago. I'm breastfeeding and expected to be ravenous. I've actually had no appetite and when I eat...I get heartburn and EVERYTHING makes me gassy! My midwife gave me a list of foods not to eat so that I don't make the baby gassy. A lot of those things are staples in my diet. All of the broccoli types are on the list, melons, peas, apples, goes on. I had some cantelope and an apple one day and my poor baby got so fussy that night and most of the following day. I didn't expect these issues! I had a healthy pregnancy and wonderful home birth. I was not 100% raw during my pregnancy and am not now either.

I drink green smoothies and green juices daily.

Has anyone had any experiences with these issues? Any suggestions? What did u eat when breastfeeding? I don't know what to eat!

Thanks so much.


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