Did you increase breast size? Q on breast milk supply.

germin8germin8 Raw Master

Hello everyone. I haven't been on here for years. I have since had my DD... naturally. She is 1 year old now. They take too much time. :)

I have a question specifically for those who experienced an increase in breast size. At least 3 people on here have (Zoe, DeborahBee, & carrie6292). I don't know if they are still on here... but chime in, anyone else that has.

I have a feeling I may not get an answer here... but, I am hopefully... mostly, for all the women who yearn to breastfeed their children but are unable to produce enough milk.

Super long story made short: I am part of a group discussion regarding mother's with low milk supplies. I was high raw before pregnancy and a healthy vegan, but suprised to find I had a low milk supply. Many mothers like me (although many not vegan) have questions. One was, how do you get breasts to create sufficient glandular tissue for breast feeding (which occurs during 1st trimester). Yes, we know about progesterone! Yes, we know about all those herbs and medicines... yes we know. :) Many of us know that glandular tissue gets created by our bodies at every cycle, but it isn't enough... apparently.

So, I am wondering... for those that did experience breast size increase: Did you have children before or after or in between? How was milk supply? Before/after raw?

Some of these women want to grow bigger breast (not fat, but glandular tissue)... maybe there is help by going raw! Although, my high raw diet didn't seem to help. (I recently had my progesterone levels checked and am waiting results. I do not have PCOS nor IGT.)

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