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Hello everyone here on Gone raw. Since this site is aimed mainly at raw vegans (there are a few raw non-vegans however) and therefore are not consuming animal products I just wanted to let you people who have some concern for the rights of animals to know that (the book and many other product seller) refuses to stop selling books and magazines that promote the insane and violent animal fighting sports like dog fighting and cock fighting. If you go on their site and search for cock fight you will see a full list of books that encourage this cruel and barbaric ‘sport’. Personally I am against the constant use of animals for human economic gains without concern for their well being. After all they are almost the same as us except they do not speak. They feel pain, they know when they are in danger, they suffer when they are neglected, they have complex brains very similar to humans. I decided to write to the Amazon company and tell them I was cancelling my account that I had with them for many years because I didn’t agree with their ‘first amendment right’ to sell books of this nature and that I planned to purchase my books elsewhere until they change their policy. I encourage anyone else who cares about this issue to please do the same or if you don’t have an account with them then just write to them and tell them you will not be buying from them until they change the policy.


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    They also sell foie gras too. I sent an email to them about a month ago complaining about it. I got the alert from Farm Sanctuary. I got a an email back from Amazon about how they want to have a “variety of products” to reach a “wide customer base”....blah, blah. I know Farm Sanctuary is trying to get them to stop selling the foie gras but don’t know if it going to work. I stopped buying from Amazon. The only thing I ever bought from them is books for school. I hope I can find my books elsewhere!

  • They’re also significant donors to the Republican party in recent years, though that doesn’t have anything specifically to do with raw food or animal products. Just kind of a bummer.

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