hello from Toronto!

Have been thinking about raw for a while and gradually have been eliminating cookeds from my diet. I’m consistently about 80% raw, and aiming for more 100% days. Frankly, I almost can’t handle the extra energy ;).

I’m an “in remission” fibromyalgic and allergic person, who now “suffers” from too much energy. (Hooray!)


  • Hi Rahnubi! Can you go into a little more detail about how long it took you to see results? Have you eaten any foods in particular to help combat the fibro? When you say you have too much energy do you mean you can’t sleep at night or that you are just so happy now?

  • For me, leaving my fibromyalgia involved several factors. I threw out all my medications (including beta blockers, antidepressants, sleep aids and antidepressants) and joined my local gym, where I started exercising. This was very slow at first, involving ten minutes on a treadmill and an hour nap afterwards. Nowadays (2.5 years later) I do an intense hour of group cycling three times a week, yoga twice a week and belly dance twice a week. For me, I made a very conscious and at the beginning everyday vow to not “live in the pain”. Also, I noticed that for me any white food (total SAD diet when I started this journey) was what I began to think of as “eating fibromyalgia”. I started a very standard healthy diet, emphasizing fruits and veg and lean proteins. I find that sugars, even in their natural forms can cause a flare-up, as can hormonal shifts. I’ve also lost about sixty pounds (I’m sure that the extra weight contributed to my pain) But, everyone is different, and this is just what works for me. To answer your second question, I am so happy now, that I feel literally like I’m on drugs (in a good way). My sleep patterns are also readjusting (I need less).

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