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benjamenwbenjamenw Raw Newbie

Hello everyone!


My name is Benjamen, I'm 38 (soon to be 39) and I greatly desire to go raw/vegan.  I have been visiting this site since about 2012 I think it was, and began toying with the notion of going raw since then.  I have made it about 80% raw for about year, eating pretty much just green smoothies and salads, but found myself getting bored.  I have been through this site numerous times finding recipes, and my kitchen is raw ready with the food processor, Ninja Blender, juicer, dehydrator and my little nutribullet. 

I know the time has come to get serious about changing my eating habits and getting back to healthy living as I have been suffering from a systemic candida and fungal overgrowth for over a year now.  This overgrowth has wreaked havoc on my body causing everything from digestive issues, oral thrush, cysts, prostititis, UT infections, bladder and kidney infections, joint and muscle disfunction, thyroid issues and more.  And even with everything that is going on, and treating the overgrowth naturally which has helped, I just can't seem to set aside the unhealthy habits and get onboard with what it is I truly desire.  I know that getting back into a healthy routine can help.

So I am wondering how everyone else was with going raw?  And if anyone out there might have had the same struggles of giving up the bad habits that could offer suggestions on how you overcame the mental battle and stuggles of the ego that says, eat that pizza, you can get started tomorrow.  :)

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.


With gratitude,



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Hi Benjamen,

    It's good to hear that you want to take the final plunge. Personally, I think even 80% is pretty impressive. For me, I've always had a cheat day once a week. I don't always use it, but it's there and when I had cravings for cooked food, I would schedule them all for that day. It gave me something to focus on without ruining my eating habits on a daily basis. 

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    What have you tried for the yeast? Is there a raw equivalent to the healthy bacteria in yogurt? 

  • benjamenwbenjamenw Raw Newbie
    Thank you, Claire. Tammi I was combating the yeast overgrowth naturally with aloe vera juice whole leaf by lily of the valley, I was also taking coconut oil extra-virgin coldpressed, and oregano oil. In addition to that I was taking a probiotic in capsule form which contained 10 billion live strands. Plus I was eating a low-carb and low sugar diet, with green smoothies and lots of steamed vegetables and organic chicken breast. I was dealing with a lot of serious health issues, extreme anxiety and panic attacks, all of the above mentioned conditions, and I found that treating the yeast overgrowth naturally, I had better results then what the doctors were prescribing. In the beginning they had me on on all sorts of antibiotics which were causing all sorts of problems and allergic reactions. They tested me for everything, and everything was coming back normal. They did try and treat me with an antifungal, and it didn't even touch it. After I began treating the used naturally, everything started to heal up. Which only proves me about all of my health issues were stemming from the east and fungal overgrowth.
  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    It's good that you found the root cause. Doctors that are just "calling it in" can drag things out for years by treating symptoms and forgetting why those symptoms are there to begin with. I didn't know that aloe vera juice was good for candida. I'm going to have to look into it. 

  • makenziejmakenziej Raw Newbie

    have you tried kefir water? similar to kombucha. easy to make. wellnessmama has great recipes :)

    ClaireTBucha Belly
  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
    makenziej said:

    have you tried kefir water? similar to kombucha. easy to make. wellnessmama has great recipes :)

     Is it really like fizzy lemonade? I'm going to have to try some the next time I come across it. 

    JanaceBucha Belly
  • FruityFruity Raw Newbie

    Hi Benjamin, I've had luck making Kampuchea and saukraut, both give you the benefits of healthy bacteria that actually fight the yeast for you. You can use regular yogurt whey, the liquid part over the yogurt, to start the kraut. There are lots of recipes and tutorials on YouTube and in the fermentation community. That being said, I think you could also check out Dr Morse on YouTube. You will come to understand better how to heal the different organs and glandular systems that are low in you. In a way the Candida is not the deepest cause but a confounding factor in the vicious cycle. The good news is going raw and taking some herbs will get you back to Wellville as he always says! There are also homeopathic for Candida too. You have lots of good, safe options.

    The RawtarianClaireT
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