Any Body Psoriatic

R u or do u know any body who have psoriasis, and cured by raw food and detox? Please share your experience here. My story is below…


  • pl. reply if any bodey knows

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I posted about this on another site… but I don’t know how useful it was there since it was about dermatitis. I don’t know anyone that healed from psoriasis… but I was interseted to find out that raw butter helps… that is, according to the book Enzyme Nutrition. Here’s a link to the post:

    I couldn’t read your story on orkut. I am curious.

  • Thanks, i will post my story here soon

  • My psoriasis went away when I switched to a mostly vegan diet (before I came across the raw diet). Though I was never a heavy meat eater, I did have a lot of milk, cheese and eggs in my previous diet.

  • pl.write more details o ur diet, do u still have psoriasis?

  • My psoriasis whent away after 6 weeks of only raw fruits, not codiments, no processing, whole fruist and only squeezed juice for breakfrast, with the pulp in it. I did not water-fast during that period, and it did go away. Mine was chronic. If I eat wheat or anything with yeast, it comes back. If my intestine gets irritated for long periods of time (weeks due to eating to much condiments, it does not matter if they are raw) it comes back. I found out that in my case the main cause seemed to be a wheat allergie, not gluten allergy. I can eat quinoa or oats, and even spelt, the issue is wheat. It does go away, but please note, acording to what I have studied in the subject and my personal experience, it does take at least 3 months for the body to make ajustments and to get rid, detox and heal, chronish issues. Psoriasis is a chronish skin disease. In my case, it went away in 6 weeks, because I found the cause of the disease, wheat, and I removed it together with a raw diet and water-fast for healing. I was already vegan for several years and I did eat a lot of raw before going 100% for a long period of time, almost a year, and then switching to 80%-10% and somes 90%-10%.

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