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New to raw, to rich for the sensitive stomach????

I’m a bit new to raw. It’s something my boyfriend and I have been playing with for about 2 years now. It wasn’t until last month that we seriously started researching transition over to a fully raw lifestyle. We aren’t full vegan. I still eat raw dairy and fish (can’t say no to sushi) and he prefers to include lean red meats as well.

For the past month we’ve been doing well aside from the small slip due to eating out. We haven’t experienced any detox symptoms. We’re full of energy and adore the food.

My main complaint is how rich the food is. I have never been able to handle rich foods without getting really sick. Healthy rich, processed rich or unhealthy rich. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s rich it makes me really sick. The only way I’m able to settle my stomach is through a slice of bread (not raw I know) and a banana. It drives me crazy. Some meals aren’t so rich, but most are far too rich for my sensitive stomach. I’m hoping that cutting out a good chunk of the nuts may help. Has anyone else experienced this and is there ways of fixing it??

I LOVE raw and feel it’s best for my system, but I’m still struggling with sensitive stomach issues. Nonraw I simply eliminated all processed foods and heavy dairy recipes. I’ve yet to figure things out in the raw world.


  • Hi Kissedbyfire,and welcome !! I have problems with nuts too. I try to eat simple ,like salads,veggie noris,smoothies,shakies,and a lot of fruits and fruit deserts. I’m thinking in making a spelt bread and if goes well I’ll tell you.Today I made a tomato soup that went very well,and a cole slaw all from goneraw’s recipe. And also I’m eating a lot of fruit from the season like watermelon and that is great. I’m finding that I have to pay a lot of attention to myself and how I deal with food.

  • Hi, I too have trouble if I do too many nuts. I have an old ulcer that acts up. At the same time- I don’t feel right with too much fruit, and also have concerns about the raw diet dropping too low on calories. I have had good luck using a lot of flax and chia seeds ground up and dehydrated in crackers and raw burgers. Very yummy, high protein and seems good on my tummy. Best of luck to you! :)

  • Lucy, I try to eat as seasonly as humanly possible. I just moved from LA to a small town on the east coast so I’m still coping with the lack of resources. I have found I can handle some nuts and seeds perfectly fine (such as pumpkin and sunflower) but others like cashew and pine nuts tend to make sick. So far it seems a heavy focus on sea veggies is best for me while avoiding heavy fatty elements, aside from avocados.

    I’ll try to make things a bit more simple. We had a wonderful lasagna meal today that was SO good but so filling that if you aren’t careful and over eat, you end up feeling ill. The b/f is convinced the burning stomach is due to that, but there wasn’t anything acidic in it. I’m really still trying to find ways to make good meals that are tasty but simple enough not to cause us problems.

  • Stillfire, I’ll need to try loading up on the flaxseed. Flaxseeds as well as the oil is a regular in our diets. It’s very possible I may also have an ulcer so I’ve found I need to be careful about what I eat too. Just straight fruit or veggies doesn’t seem to fit my lifestyle. I’ve done that before and dropped too many pounds.

    I can’t wait to get a dehydrator so I can really start experimenting with things.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    You might want to look into food combining. Unfortunately a lot of the “gourmet recipes” are horrible when you look at them from the food combining aspect. Even though they are totally healthy for you and taste great, poor food combining can lead to lots of belly issues. I’ve been raw for a good while now and during my transitioning I was noticing that the more raw I ate, the more I had to start watching what was going in my mouth and what it was going with! Anyhow, just an idea! Hope things can get better for you!

  • I noticed that when I first started eating raw foods, going heavy on the nuts and seeds didn’t bother me so much. It’s been almost three months now and honestly, I simply cannot use nuts or a seed as a basis for a meal, I agree kissedbyfire, it ends up just being way too much. If I am using a recipe that calls for nuts/seeds as the main part, I generally cut that by half, sometimes a quarter and then use my own tastes to go from there.

  • Coconutty, that’s an interesting suggestion, I’ll have to try that. We’ve been simplifying our foods for about 2 years now going more and more raw as time goes by. I have found that even the bf can’t handle overly complex foods. I never have myself as I have a very sensitive system. I’m hoping to find a good cookbook that might have some nice ideas.

    Elizabeth, I think I may be going so heavy on the nuts to help my system deal with the lack of meat protein. I tend to prefer to listen to my body in concerns of diet rather than following a strict guideline. I’m perfectly fine with one type of nut, but once they start combining them in recipes, I get ill. I’ve already started cutting down on the seeds in the recipes.

  • Kissedbyfire and stillfire,if you have an ulcer problem the best is cabbage juice,or even raw cabbage.

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