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Ive had rouble finding a soap that does not cause my skin to a) burn, b) dry out horribly c)that feels clean….I was using my friend homemande goatsmilk soap but even then some of her natural fragrances got to me and they make a huge mess in the soap dish. I tried castille soap and it was very drying for me( live in a desert, swim in chlorine ect ect) anyhoo, I was cruising the isles of big lots and found this really great soap, you can get it on line and I can pronounce all the ingredients listed( veggie oils, veggie glycerin, esseincial oils honey, aloe, shea butter, salt, vitamin e and natural pigment) its called one with nature , I love their company tag line! : disigned thoughtfully, developed naturally, manufactured responsibly! At 99 cents a bar i was thrilled(at big lots) ive been using it a week now and love it! thought id share, since their stuff was at biglots im guessing finding them at a regular store would be tough,i thnk ill go clean out the shelves for the cheap stuff, then order direct after that…shipping will be a bitch though the company is in jordan!


  • Hi! That sounds really great! Thanks!

  • Hi Omshanti!! I just checked out the site and you’re in luck.. the company doesn’t actually sell the soaps, they are available through natural stores online and the ones that were listed all say ships in 24 hours.. and they had some pretty good prices.. not sure what you paid at BigLots.. They have 15 different “flavors” in all and they all sound just wonderful… lucky you for finding them.. Have fun! K-Mom

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