Nutiva Hemp Powder?

Hello all! I bought some Nutiva Hemp powder for smoothies. I got the berry flavor. It says raw protein so i assume its ok. My question is what can I do with it besides smoothies, cause I hate the texture and cant bear to choke it down. I dont mind chunky..but its gritty like sand…uggh! Everytime I make a smoothie with it I end up throwing it away! So any ideas would be great! Thanks!


  • Ambikalee, Perhaps throw it in some energy bars with some nuts, dates, sprouted grains, fruit and dehydrate it. OR Put it in the blender with some frozen banana, make berry ice cream. Let me know how it goes. I have some nutiva hemp seeds. Didn’t think about getting the powder. Which reminds me, Shazzie talked about Hemp Leaf powder on the Raw Foods Summit, wonder where we can get that?

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