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What would you recommend for a super high needs day?

Priceless OnePriceless One Raw Newbie

I am getting ready for my first tae kwon do tournament. I will have a whole day with lots of physical and emotional demands. My kids are competing too. My stomach doesn’t handle these things well but I know that I will need to eat in order to perform at my best.

What would you all recommend for a day that will be high stress, high physical drain (I am fighting and performing in the forms competetion) and I will be a typical freaked out mom;) I left this thing last year with a migraine that lasted for 2 days and that was with only my oldest ds competing. This year all my dc are in along with me.

Thanks for any tips and encouragement. I know that I will do beter if I stay raw throughout the day but I also have to have things that are going to sustain me.

Blessings! Toni


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    For performance I would recommend that you eat mainly fruit because it packs alot of energy. Try to eat high calorie fruits like bananas or mangos. The more calories the fruit, of course the longer the energy will last. Don’t eat too much fat before your tournament because it could make you very sluggish.Another good fruit would be durian, if you can get your hands on some. Even though it is very high in fat, the fruit has a very good balance between fat and carbohydrates. Another thing is that it is extremely satisfying and will keep you sustained for quite a long time. Try to eat about a cup with 2 bananas.Before you go out and kick some butt you could eat a few dates for some quick energy that doesn’t leave your stomach feeling full at all. Dates digest very quickly and are a good source of quick energy. After your tournament, treat your self to a nice large salad with some almonds or other high protein nut or seed, to replenish your muscles. I really hope this helps. Now get some rest and allow your personal animal to come out :) Good luck!!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Perhaps try the Frozen Vanilla Bliss Smoothie. Nomi Shanon created this recipe and recommends it (with added tahini) for athletes.

  • Priceless OnePriceless One Raw Newbie

    Vaughn, I have never seen a durian here but ya never know! I didn’t think I would ever see young coconut here either. Dates, I didn’t think of those. I have been eating oranges before class and have been very pleased with the results, I will add banana’s. Kandace, I picked up tahini last week specifically for that recipe but I couldn’t remember which one it was when I got home. Thanks for the link!

  • Just tried my first Durian over the weekend… wow. That’s an unusual fruit!

  • I would reccomend a big smoothie in the morning. Smoothies won’t make you tired from chewing and you can load them up with super foods, fruits and greens for everything you need. In my expirience dried fruit is not something I would recomend for right before you go because it is devoid of water and leaves me a little bloated. I would havea watery fruit like watermelon. Melonsl are packed ful of sugar but water helps it pass through you easily and the fiber slows down the absorption so you don’t get a sugar high and the crash that follows. If you practice food combining, don’t eat melons with anything else. They only yake about 20 minutes to leave your stomach, after that you’re in the clear.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    great suggestion on the melons. I totally agree! I did not really think about the dates and water issue. But maybe soak the dates in water first?

  • Priceless OnePriceless One Raw Newbie

    Ray, where in our neck of the woods did you find a durian??? I am really, really curious about those things. I hear so much about them all the time.

    James, I wonder if that is why I am craving melons right now. Life has been incredibly stressful and demanding. My body is wanting more to keep going. Thanks for the input. I will put those on my must have list for that day.

  • Honestly, I was at a raw food cooking class this past weekend, and the chef was showing us how to make a dessert out of them. I haven’t asked yet, but perhaps he’ll let me post one or more of the recipes, since I took pictures as well!

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