Bleeding Gums???????

My gums started bleeding for no reason just now! That is the first time that ever happened to me! I have been oil pulling for a little over 2 weeks now. I stopped using a toothpaste that contained SLS. Maybe it’s something in the new toothpaste???

The bleeding didn’t last long, but all I did was run my tongue over my upper teeth, trying to get something off of them. Then, boom! I’m bleeding!

What could be causing this????


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I’ve heard that teeth and gum sesitivities can be related to detox as your body is working to regenerate those areas. I’ve been experiencing a lot of teeth sensitivities lately as well, not quite like you are experiencing though. What happens when you eat???

  • I didn’t bleed anymore today, not even when I ate. BUT~~ I noticed my teeth were aching! Particularly where I have fillings (those darn silver fillings!)

  • PonyGirlPonyGirl Raw Newbie

    I worked in dentistry for 20 years, so your post was the first I felt moved to respond to. I cannot stress enough the absolute necessity to FLOSS. Brushing is undoubtedly important too, but floss gets stuff between the teeth and up in the gumline that a toothbrush cannot get to. We should use SOFT toothbrushes and brush gently, mostly in the direction the teeth grow – down on the uppers, up on the lower teeth, NO SCRUBBING. Around the gumline, you can use very gentle circular motion, but hold the toothbrush like a pencil to avoid damaging your gums which are 90% water, easily hurt, also quick to heal when treated right. Flossing is also a gentle procedure and is best done with floss (as opposed to flossers) that can be curved around each tooth and brought up into the gum where it should be danced around very carefully before being brought down and up the next tooth without damaging the tender gingiva. I’ve heard that oil pulling is not particularly helpful; everyone has their opinion. It is for certain though that oral hygiene is essential no matter what you eat, most particularly when you eat alot of fruit. I know some people who think that just because they are eating mostly natural, raw food that somehow they are immune to decay and gum disease. The condition of their teeth and gums prove this is a misconception! We swallow only about 200 times at night as compared to about 2000 times during the day, so going to bed with a clean mouth is very important.

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