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Hello everyone! I am new to raw and found this website and I think it is great, great recipes, forums, WOW. I have been reading over many raw sites, but this is the best one I have come upon. I am starting officially today. I live in NYC and it’s difficult to find fresh organic produce, so I visit my green market (local farmers) on Saturdays. I wish I had access to more, tried produce delivery and since they are all potluck, I don’t care for them. I like to choose my foods.

Anyway I have been organic for a few years and tried to go vegetarian/vegan but it never really stuck with me, but I have been feeling so tired and run down, weight fluctuating, not heavy, I am tall so the 145 pounds suits me, but I feel like a skinny fat person, I feel toxic so I want to get healthy. I know from my readings that raw is the right way to live and be healthy. It won’t be easy since I have a family of 4 here, but I am determined! And I need to make my foods yummy so I can share with the family and hopefully serve them raw food too. I just received my spiralizer and will make my zucchini spaghetti tonight. I know this site will help me reach my goals.


  • make it your goal to slowly include more and more raw foods in your diet as you go. do it slowly that way it becomes a HABIT and not a burden.

  • Hi Rawmaiden, this is indeed a friendly place where you’ll find lots of encouragement. I’m fortunate that my children are old enough to cook (or uncook, if they choose) for themselves, so I only have to worry about feeding ME.

    Having a green market nearby will be a big help to you. I can go to mine and spend about $15-20 for all the food I can eat in a week and more!

    Peace and Blessings, Suzy

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Thanks Suzy and justbeautiful for your response and suggestions. I know that I must go slow because I will get frustrated and most likely fall off and I don’t want that to happen.

    My kids are full grown too, but I am such an oldfashioned mom, still wanting to cook dinner for everyone and that will be hard to let go of. Since they are still at home (ages 18 & 23, just out of college/high school) so since they are still here, I have the opportunity to cook dinner for all of us. But I guess I could always make something on the side (not to cook) for me. It will take time, I have lots of patience and I am sure support here : )

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