I'm lost..

sorry if this is out of place here, but I’m lost…. I “just” joined and noticed that when I created the sign in information, my fingers were on the wrong keys so my password is something strange…. how do I change it? Thanks. You may respond to me directly if you like at: marys927@yahoo.com just put gone raw in subject line so I know to open it. Thanks again.


  • Hi Mary- The same thing happened to me. There isn’t an automated way to go about it. When it happened to me I finally remembered what I had done. I had emailed the site moderators and they got back to me but it took a couple of days. So I would suggest you start over with another user name for now. Sorry I can’t give you better info for now!

  • If you can remember your password, even though it’s weird, maybe we could just leave it as-is?

    writeeternity is correct, we haven’t implemented a way for you to change it yourself yet. Sooner or later!

  • Since it seems you can’t change your password, you could change your user name to something like marys927@yahoodotcom (or use a space or something) so it’s pretty much the same as it is now.

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